Reception Halls

     Along with hiring a professional DJ your Reception Hall plays a critical factor in how the evening progresses.  With new halls opening at a record pace they are not all created equal.  Some things I look for when at a hall are as follows.  1) Friendliness of the entire staff.  I know it is going to be a struggle when the first question the manager asks is, "When is this dance going to be over."  The managers attitude carries over to the staff.  I prefer to work with managers who are not only friendly but willing to do whatever is takes to make the bride and groom happy.  We work behind the scenes with managers in access, layout of the room, dance floor location, setup, lighting, timing of the meal, breakdown of tables and general flow of activities.   2) Air Conditioning that remains cool the entire evening.  The best way to kill a party is to have the temperature rise to an uncomfortable level.  3) Allowing  Fog Machines that enhance the high tech LED ligting shows we provide.  4) Speed at which the meal and dessert is served and cleaned up.  Slow staff makes the night drag on.  5) Preparation.  Clean restrooms, adequate staff, enough hot food and cold beverages, multiple trash cans, ambient lighting that can be turned off and large loading docks.  If a hall cannot guarantee these factors then please look for another hall.  Some of the best halls are Ellsworth College Gentle/Howard Centers with Leo-Mgr., Toad Valley Country Club and the Temple for the Performing Arts.  These managers are true professionals who go above and beyond for a flawless evening.  If you have any questions about what to look for feel free to contact us and we will look forward to working with you.