Frequently Asked Questions

DJ’s are time tested crowd pleasers. They offer a virtually unlimited song selection, impressive lighting shows, and most importantly the experience to emcee everything from the grand entrance, to the tossing of the bouquet, dollar dance and even great aunt Edna’s birthday stroll.

Limited song selection, elevated pricing, not your typical reception entertainment, long hair and black t-shirts clash with the brides colors.

You are looking to have the time of your life, Party and have FUN!  The experience of Elegant Entertainment will walk you through easy steps to a magical evening.  Plus you are more tired of  boring DJ’s and empty dance floors more than we are.

Volume.  We perform hundreds of shows per year.  Plus we truly love what do and filling the dance floor!

Gold & Platinum Five (5) hours.  Diamond Six (6) hours.

To reserve a date simply make contact with us.  We will reply and after getting an idea of what you looking for we will help find a Package to meet your needs.

Yes.  We require a $100.00 non refundable booking fee along with a signed agreement to reserve a date.

On the day of the event payable as cash or cashiers check.  Cashiers checks are to made out to Kyle Krogh.  Personal checks must be received a minimum  of two weeks prior to the event.

Yes.  If you select the PLATINUM Package for $795.00 the $100.00 non refundable booking fee would leave a remaining balance of $695.00 the day of the event. 

No.  Setup and teardown is on our time.   You will receive the full listed Package hours.  

For the cocktail hour, quiet enough for guests to have a normal conversation with just the right amount of background music. For the dance, loud enough for everyone to have the time of their life. For the last dance song of the evening, watch out these systems can part your hair.

Ideally an area 15' wide by 6' deep for the GOLD Package, 18' wide by 6' deep for the PLATINUM & DIAMOND Package. If space is limited we can condense down but will sacrifice the look and sound of the system.

Yes.  We have a Sennheiser wireless system for events with multiple rooms or on different levels.  We can place speakers up to 300' away for incredible sound quality.  This allows all of the guests to be able to enjoy the music and announcements throughout the evening.  Additionally this provides even sound dispersion without areas that are too loud and eliminates "dead" spots.  Included with DIAMOND Package.

Dr. Kyle Krogh,  Cass, Dan or John. 

No. We have never missed a dance. But we have recruited members from the audience as guest DJ’s.


Your choice of dress pants, shirt, vest and tie or business causual for more laid back events. 

We arrive a minimum of an hour early for the Gold Package to assure all equipment is setup, functions flawlessly and looks impeccable before the first guests arrive.  One and a half hours for the Platinum Package and two hours for the Diamond Package.  Additioanl time for events with uplighting.

Yes. Requests are encouraged.

No. Some requests are not appropriate for little ears.

I personally own over 1000 CD's with an average of 10 songs per CD for 10,000 songs.  Unfortunately, most of those albums were purchased for only one or two songs.  Our music database is not inflated with songs that you have never heard of and what I consider to be unplayable.  Case in point,  Los Del Rio had exactly one hit "Macarena" but produced six albums. 


We only play songs without explicit lyric warnings unless otherwise requested.


Of course.  Our OUTDOOR Package comes complete with ceremony music, speakers, stands, microphone, boom mic stand and wind filter for $200.00.  No Power?  No Problem.  Honda UE 2000 generator for an additional $50.00.

Yes.  For the GOLD Package we charge an additional $200.  The added time it takes to haul gear over uneven terrain, running cords through dust and dirt, power concerns, wind, mosquitoes, sun, rain, humidity, heat, cold, cleaning gear afterwards and did I mention mosquitoes warrants the extra fee.  Plus we run the risk of getting soaked an ruining the equipment.  We highly recommend indoor climate controlled events if at all possible.  PLATINUM & DIAMOND Packages are not available outside.

If rain is within 45 miles of doppler radar we will either not setup equipment outside, teardown equipment from outside or setup equipment inside.  If equipment is setup outside and rain moves within 45 miles there will be a minimum of a two hour delay to move gear and an additional charge of $100.  Not to mention the guests will probably leave in that time frame.   We highly recommend indoor climate controlled events or a perfectly clear day.   

A wide variety hits from yesterday and today that will have people of all ages dancing. And those who are not dancing will be singing along, tapping their toes or swaying their head in rhythm.

Yes.  We are continually adding new songs.

If I had every song ever recorded I would be a billionaire.  The last time I checked I wasn't even close.  As a courtesy though, if we do not have a song you have searched for, we will purchase it specifically for your event from iTunes.  Maximum of 15 songs.   

Right before the next client if you would like to utilize our services. 

In addition to emceeing all of the standard reception formalities we also offer other activites.  The most popular are the Anniversary Dance, Shoe Game and the Head of Household Game.  If you have any other special announcements throughout the evening we are always more then happy to oblige.  

Yes. For all Packages you will be contacted the Monday before the event to go over the event planner and finalize any details you would like included.  We will go over pronunciation of bridal party names, order of events, setup location, time frames and answer any questions you may have.  Will also share some tips for a smooth transition from one event to the next.  Special exceptions made for holidays that fall on a Monday. 

No. We cannot sing, dance or play instruments (Except Cass). That’s why we became a DJ's.  

QSC, Peavey, Alto, Sennheiser and Denon for the audio components.  American DJ and Chauvet for the lighting shows and controllers.  These brands have proven reliable and road worthy over the years.   There is a reason professional bands on tour use these same companies. 

If you are within 45 miles of Huxley there is no travel expense.  We charge $3.00 per mile outside of that range according to google maps.  

Call us to confirm which system you have reserved.  We have two different sized projectors.  Then go to our links page and click  Provide them with the type of fixture: Chauvet Gobo Zoom LED or Chuavet Gobo Zoom 2.0 LED. Second, let your imagination run wild with design creativity.  Next, order early to avoid last minute shipping charges.  Lastly, relish the moment as you saunter into the hall and see your customized design spinning in lights.

Just enough to assure all of the activities are going smoothly and the dance floor is packed.  Then we sit back and enjoy the show.

No. 1) We could create a list down to the second months in advance. We rarely cue more than three songs at a time, and even then make last second changes to keep the crowd entertained. Why? The dance floor changes constantly. A DJ’s ability to not only read but to REACT to a crowd is a major factor in having a successful dance. 2) We love referrals. Prospective clients will be in attendance and we will not sacrifice our reputation for a scripted list that is destined to fail. Besides no one knows exactly how long any one of the multiple events will actually last.  3)  If your that controlling the event won't be fun for anyone and the guests will blame us for the bad mix of music.  

Yes.  A $25.00 office fee applies.

Simply contact us by phone, email or through the web page.  Filling out the CHECK AVAILABILITY tab in the upper right hand cormer is the easiest.  We will then contact you for the event details.  After selecting a Package an agreement and welcome letter will be sent in the mail.  A welcome email with these instructions will be sent as well.  Enclose the signed agreement with a $100 non-refundable booking fee in the self addressed stamped envelope to reserve the date.  Upon arrival you will be sent a confirmation email, a password with access to your account and event planner,  and a hard copy will be mailed backk for your records.