Uplighting Now Only $100

       To add the "WOW" factor to your reception we highly recommend uplighting.  LED technology is continually improving and more companies are competing in the market which lowers the costs.  Lights are half the price from two years ago with more lumens and options.  Our next step is remotely controlling the lights reducing the number of dmx cables.  This means we can offer the latest uplights on the market for less.  Our new fee is only $100 for 5 uplights.  If you had not considered uplighting it is now within your budget.

Valentine's Day - Cupid's Arrow

        If the Love Bug has struck and you find yourself searching for the perfect DJ, then look no further.  With a combined 27 years of expereince your "Fairy Tale" wedding awaits.  We offer personal consultations to tailor the day to your wishes.  With two professional digital sound systems, LED lighting shows, uplighting, outdoor ceremony packages, custom gobos and Five Star service you can be worry free in your selection of services.

Happy New Year

     The bridal business is booming.  We have been inundated with calls lately and dates are being reserved at a record pace.  We are anxiously awaiting the NAMM show 2012 for the latest in new products for DJ's.  As a leader in the industry we continually purchase new gear to stay years ahead of the competition.  The latest light about to hit the market is the Chauvet Intimidator 150 Spot moving head LED.

Bridal Show Nov. 15th

     We will once again be at the Lotus Moments Events Center Bridal Show on November 15th, 2011 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.  This hall is located at 2134 East Grand Ave. in Des Moines just west of the Iowa State Fair grounds.  This is a great opportunity to see multiple vendors at one location.  This relaxed atmosphere gives you a chance to visit with true professionals who can share their experience with you to create a "Magical Evening of Enchantment" for your reception.

Spam Email

This month my email account was hacked by an individual in Canada.  Yahoo froze the account along with all of my contact information.  If you have ever tried to deal with Yahoo it is impossible.  They have an excerpt under the help menu stating that, "you will not receive  a response."  After some investigation the safest email account is  If you received a suspicious email about my sick cousin needing money fear not because it was a blatant attempt at phishing.  I apologize for the inconvenience and future confusion this may cause.

New DJ Team Member------ Dr. Justin Sands

I am excited to introduce Dr. Justin Sands as the latest member of the expanding Elegant Entertainment DJ team.  He has completed an extensive and in depth training program and is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

New Online Satisfaction Survey

The DJ business seems to change on a daily basis.  Future brides and grooms are more educated, internet savvy and do their homework before reserving a DJ.  Elegant Entertainment is rapidly expanding with the introduction in 2011.  We understand that hiring a true professional can be the difference between the, "Night of your Lives" or "Nightmare at the Reception."  This is why we are proud to introduce online SATISFACTION SURVEYS this month.  We  strive to make each venue better than the last.

Satellite Speakers for Optimum Sound

      Satellite speakers are placed further in the room to provide and even dispersion and overall higher fidelity sound.  Most companies will place all of their speakers in one location.  This makes that area of the room extremely loud while other areas have "dead" spots.  This also makes it hard for guests in the rear of the room to hear announcements, while guests in the front are being "blown" away.  It also produces unwanted echo as the central sound waves are refracted off objects and walls.


Summer is almost here and be watching for us in a parade nearby.  You'll be able to hear us long before you can see us.  3000 watts of Peavey powered excitement will be playing your favorite tunes.  Remember we usually throw out bouncy SUPER BALLS.  But the only way to get one when we drive by is to shake your booty, wiggle your rump or show us your favorite dance move. We are registered for Ankeny SummerFest Parade, Iowa State Fair Parade, Huxley Prairie Fest, Iowa Falls 4th of July Celebration, Hubbard Days and many more.

Prom and Homecoming

Tired of the same old boring DJ for every school dance?  How about a FRESH emcee with plenty of power , lights and the latest dance music.  Prom season is just around the corner.  To do list:  Date CHECK  New Dress CHECK Hot Car CHECK Iowa's Premier DJ   ?????    If your unsure give us a call.