Moving Head LED's

     The new Chauvet Moving Head Spot 250 LED's are here.  Looking to add even more excitement to your event?  The fixtures showcase 8 colored beams of light that pan and tilt with 7 gobos featuring a three faceted prism to split the beams. The motion and excitement these lights produce are phenomenal.  Click Here to see a video.  These lights can be added to your Platinum or Diamond Package for an additional $100.00.     


Wedding Season & New Gear

     Spring has sprung and love is in the air with the upcoming wedding season.  We are excited to offer the latest gear with even more digital active wireless speakers and special effects lighting for 2013.  It is truly and exciting time to be a DJ with the booming number of weddings and constant improvement of equipment.  

Reserve Our DJ's Now with TAX Refunds

      Have you been putting off hiring vendors for your upcoming wedding?  Spring is just around the corner and dates are filling up fast.  We offer personal consultations, online planners and music to make reservations easy and confortable.  With four systems to choose from you can select the one that is perfect for you.   Elegant Entertainment provides digital sound, high energy LED lighting shows and FUN DJ's who know how to PARTY!   Don't procrastinate.

Happy New Year

      We are excitedly awaiting the new DJ products at the NAMM (National Association of Musical Merchants) on January 24th.  This is when the latest in exciting products are released by manufacturers.  If the last few years are any indication this year will also showcase some fascinating  gear for the upcoming venues.  We are waitng to see the Chauvet lineup of LED moving head lightshows.  

Merry Christmas

     Wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season.  We are excited to have another record breaking year.  We have added DJ Alex, Adam and John to our team along with a rental system, projection screen and blue lasers.  After the NAMM Show we have plans to add moving head DMX lighting fixtures to our already impressive light shows.   If wedded bliss is in your future for 2013 we are available for personal consultations to help your special day be spectacular!  MERRY CHRSITMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR.  



Address Change

We have moved to 1105 Sand Cherry Lane in Huxley, IA  50124.  The phone numbers and email will remain unchanged.  As this wedding season is quickly coming to an end we are proud to say we will have our best year ever.  If you are having a wedding in 2013 and have any questions regarding planning we are available for personal consultations.  We will look forward to another great year and providing the best DJ service around. 

BLUE Lasers

The next step in BLUE laser technology is here.  After demoing several blue lasers we have finally received the Chauvet RBX laser.  This DJ laser provides hundreds of sound active, manual and DJ lighting effects.  The brilliant blue color is striking to see in action and yet provides a soothing effect to the eyes.  The large coverage area takes the "Starry Night" effect to a whole new level.  As a committment to our clients we are continually adding the lastest gear on the market.  We now offer lasers in red, green and BLUE.    

Projection Screen

     Would you like to add a video to your reception but don't have a large projection screen?  We now offer the Da-Lite King Picture which is a 70" X 70" projection screen.  Da-Lite is the leader in the industry when it comes to screens.  This screen is the professional series in matte white with tension providing the quality you deserve.  It is availble as an add on to all of our DJ Packages or as an independant rental for $35.00.  

Reception Halls

     Along with hiring a professional DJ your Reception Hall plays a critical factor in how the evening progresses.  With new halls opening at a record pace they are not all created equal.  Some things I look for when at a hall are as follows.  1) Friendliness of the entire staff.  I know it is going to be a struggle when the first question the manager asks is, "When is this dance going to be over."  The managers attitude carries over to the staff.

Digital Revolution

Now is a great time to be a DJ.  The equipment just keeps getting better and lighter each year.  We have added another pair of QSC K12 digital active speakers to the lineup with Alto TS118A subwoofers.  Pound per pound they pack a hefty thump and the clarity is outstanding.  We have also added green lasers, more uplighting, LED special effects lighting, digital lighting controllers and continue to expand our easy online planning services.